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    What is your delivery time?

    We normally ship your order between 1-7 working days and we have customers all over the world.

    Are your bracelets handmade?

    Yes, we make all bracelets ourselves. We make the special braids, we hand sew the bracelet, cut the leather etc. We have over 20 years of experience making these bracelets so we can ensure that our customers gets the best possible quality.

    Where are you located?

    In northern Sweden, near the Arctic Circle.

    What materials do you use?

    We use spun pewter wire with 4% silver, sterling silver beads, buttons made from reindeer antler, and reindeer or lamb leather. Nickelfree.

    What is so special with your bracelets?

    They are handmade.

    All buttons are made from reindeer antlers.

    We use reindeer leather or lamb leather.

    These kind of bracelets, sometimes called Saami bracelets, have a long tradition where we come from. Our indigenous people, the Saamis, used pewter wire to make beautiful patterns on their clothing, and then it developed into bracelets.

    How do I pick the right size?

    Please measure your wrist and add around 1cm (0,4 inches). We do not include the loop hole in our measurement. Since the bracelet is made out of leather, it might stretch a bit once worn. 

    For our "custom" size, please add a comment, or send us an email with the size  you want, and we will do it for you.

    Care instructions:

    After purchase it might be a good idea to button and unbutton the loop hole a few times to make it easier to close.

    Since it is made out of leather, please take off when in contact with water.

    The pewter will get a lovely shine, and it will get more and more beautiful once worn.

    I ordered the wrong size, can I change?

    Yes of course, as long as you haven't used it. Please send us an email and we will help you.

    Can I make a special request?

    Yes you can. Since we make all bracelets ourselves, we are happy to customize your needs.

    I have a shop and are interested in selling your bracelets

    Please send us an email and we are happy to get back to you with information.

    Persona data

    When you subscribe to our newsletter you might receive information about our products, special offers etc. You can at any time send us an email asking us to delete your email address from our distribution list. We do not sell your personal information.