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About Julevu

Returning home to Luleå and Swedish Lapland after spending close to 10 years in metropolises like London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore and having travelled extensively to all corners of the world, opened up our eyes to the treasures of our close surroundings.

Julevu was born from an idea of wanting to bring a beautiful tradition of handmade jewelry and handicraft from Swedish Lapland to a broader international audience. To show the simple beauty of Lapland embodied in a piece of jewelry.

Julevu also takes up a family tradition of handicraft and bracelet making that goes back 40 years.

We have to a great extent succeeded in our initial mission of bringing out our beautiful bracelets to the world, as our bracelets now can be found at retailers in North America, Japan and numerous European countries. But we also believe that we have only seen the beginning…

Julevu Gammelstad Church Town

The name Julevu comes from the name of our home town Luleå in the local Sami dialect (Lulesami). We are based in what is the old town of Luleå, Gammelstad Kyrkstad. Gammelstad Church Town, a UNESCO World heritage site.

 Luleå is a perfect starting point for your Swedish Lapland adventure, both in Summer and Winter.


Julevu / Lulevagen 11 / SE-954 33 Gammelstad / Sweden

VAT: SE556897694701