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    Julevu means Luleå in Lulesami language, and Luleå is our origin. It is a beautiful city in northern Sweden near the Arctic Circle.

    Our love for handmade bracelets began more then 15 years ago when we started making them, and it is a tradition we would like to keep. We find inspiration from the rough edges in nature that we see around us.  We also like the intractably embroiled clothing of the indigenous Sami people living in the North of Scandinavia and Finland.

    Our bracelets are made by our own artisans by and our company has over 20 years of experience from masterfully manufacturing these wonderful bracelets.

    We carry this knowledge and insight in the art of creating by hand with us when bringing in other products into our collections and set the same demands on the quality, functionality and timelessness as we put on our own products.