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Lulea Swedish Lapland

Swedish Spring

It is wonderful to see people of all ages spending time outside because in March and April the weather is normally very nice. There is still lots of snow and... Read More

Reindeer leather

We mainly use locally produced, naturally tanned reindeer leather for our bracelets. We have been using the same suppliers for close to 30 years for our reindeer leather and it... Read More
Reindeer leather
Winter in Sweden, snow and ice

The fifth season is upon us!

In Lapland, we have this magic fifth season that brings us the return of light after months of darkness.  It is the most magical of seasons. The snow still lies... Read More

Jokkmokk Winter Market

Jokkmokk winter market has been held for an impressive 413 years, and it is located in the small town of Jokkmokk, northern Sweden. We have sold our beautiful fashion accessories... Read More
Jokkmokk winter market, arctic circle, swedish lapland