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Size chart

Measure your wrist where you want the bracelet to sit. Add 1-1.5 cm = size you should order. 1cm for a more tight fit and add up to 2cm if you order a wide bracelet or want a more loose fit. 

16cm x-small 6.3
16.5cm small 6.5
17.5cm medium x-small 6.9
18.5cm large small 7.3
19.5cm x-large medium 7.7
20.5cm large 8.1
21.5cm x-large 8.5

Most women order 17.5cm and men 19.5cm. These are Scandinavian sizes and customers from for example Asia tend to have smaller wrists so they should go for smaller sizes.

If you order the wrong size, it is ok to change. Post the bracelet back to us, leave a note with what you want and your address and phone number, and we will make a new one to you. The loop is not included in the size.

Address: Arctic Collection AB, Lulevagen 11, 954 33 Gammelstad, Sweden